Narrabri and the Naomi Valley

Narrabri NSW Main StNarrabri is a modern and prosperous NSW country town in the heart of the rich Namoi Valley in north western NSW. Narrabri has a thriving business community with a broad range of commercial, industrial and retail services servicing this highly productive agricultural district.  The town has a population of around 7,500 and is located 6 hours drive from both Sydney and Brisbane, where the Newell and Kamilaroi Highways meet.

The Narrabri district has become an increasingly popular area for tourists with its proximity to the Mount Kaputar National Park, the CSIRO Australia Telescope,  and other rural attractions of the district. Narrabri is the headquarters for two major agricultural research stations, the Australian Cotton Research Institute and the IA Watson Grains Research Centre. To learn more about Narrabri and the surrounding country, click this link to View Images or Narrabri.

Nosh on the Namoi is a festival held every year in April celebrating and promoting Narrabri's local and regional produce and culture through glorious food and wine, art, music and performance.  Located on the banks of the Namoi River, Nosh on the Namoi is a classic country town event.

CSIRO Compact Array Antenna at Narrabri

Narrabri is home to CSIRO's Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA), at the Narrabri Observatory, is an array of six 22-m antennas used for radio astronomy. The facility is located about 25 km west of Narrabri. This is a very active facility with used by CSIRO, Australian research institutions, and overseas astronomers. On average, 2 astronomers arrive and leave every day - staying about 3 days each.

The 'Compact Array' is the premier instrument of its kind in the southern hemisphere. It operates 365-days per year, 24-hours per day. Its business is pure science. It is not used for any military activities. These antennas work together using a technique called 'interferometry', which allows the antennas to mimic a much larger antenna. This gives the telescope the ability to see very fine detail. Effectively 'radio interferometry' works by replacing the lens of a conventional imaging system with sophisticated electronics, supercomputer-like hardware and complex software. Using this technique, a image of a small section of the sky can be formed in a 12-hour period. Whereas the Array uses six antennas spread over 6km, the same interferometry principles can be applied to antennas spread over a continent. For example, several times a year, the Array is used together with other radio telescopes spread across Australia (such as the Parkes antenna) to make images with extremely fine detail. The Array is operated by the Australia Telescope National Facility, a division of CSIRO. The ATNF operates 3 telescopes: the Compact Array in Narrabri, Parkes and Mopra (a telescope near Coonabarabran).

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